La serie “Broken Faces” è l’ultimo progetto dell’artista Takahiro Kimura, iniziato nel 1999.

Di seguito vi riporto solo alcune delle mille figure che compongono il progetto dell’artista. Una sorta di collage nel quale ogni ritratto misura 21×29,7 cm ed il quale ambisce congeleare determinate espressioni umane, come uno specchio di stati d’animo.

“If I hold up the emotion of human being, which is so complicated and elusive, as theme of my work, the work will be unable to catch up with the emotion and the work will be undistinguished. Therefore, in a state of selfless, I command not feeling but solely my aesthetic sense and attempt to create my work. And then if you feel some complicated emotions of human beings are expressed out of my work [faces], it might be projections of what you have inside. The broken faces might be mirrors to reflect your emotions.” (cit. T.K.)